Friday, 13 September 2019

Ascending and Forgiving

The previous statements might have puzzled some of you who have been used to so many people telling you in various ways that you and me are special. Religious leaders Christian leaders say we were God's chosen ones placed above the Angels; So do say the Muslims; Hindus who believe in Advaita say the very Brahman resides in us as the Soul (Atman); the Dwaitas say we are Brahmas own Creation so it goes on. Our parents, loved ones and the media din it into our ears day in and day out that we are special. Self help Gurus churn out tomes attesting to our great potential hidden in each and every one of us to achieve the Moon and the Stars just waiting to POP out. THIS is the great lie ! Let me put it to you. When we accept that we are frail mortals; bags of meat, fluid and flesh with electric signals moving around; hurting, loving, living, smiling, crying, laughing, who need care. Not a machine that needs to excel; not a machine to succeed.  That needs to please NO ONE.  That does'nt need to be guilted all the time into a mill to keep the cogweels of life running.  To be allowed to live, to experience, to feel, to learn, to grow then HUMANKIND will atlast be FREE truly FREE. Accept your ordinariness, accept your mortality, accept your  fraility accept others fraility its then you can forgive them for their faults their transgressions. Then you will cease to live in the past you will move ahead you will be able to forgive. More importantly you will be able to forgive YOURSELF.

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